Life After Bankruptcy

Following a bankruptcy, debts are discharged and a clean path lies ahead, giving you the opportunity to dictate your financial life in the way that is best for you. That said, understanding what this specifically means is important.

We at The Law Offices of Shelly L. Kennedy, Ltd., are committed to helping you understand and make the most out of life after bankruptcy. One of the first benefits that you will likely see is an improvement in credit. A reduction of debt may well lead to credit offers arriving, sometimes months after filing. These are often worth considering and using in a responsible way to rebuild credit.

Additionally, in a similar fashion, credit reports will begin to improve — all debts should display as paid in full. In the event that any show a balance, it is important to reach out to demonstrate that it has been discharged. If this is to no avail, reach out to our team.

Having worked on these and similar issues for more than a quarter century, our lawyer and team know firsthand how powerful bankruptcy is and the effect it has on a life. We encourage you to schedule a consultation as soon as possible so that we can begin helping you leverage the power of bankruptcy to move toward a place of financial independence and well-being.

To reach out and schedule an initial consultation to discuss any Chapter 7-related issue in or near Sandusky, Ohio, with our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, call 419-967-6039 or email the firm.

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