What Do I Get To Keep?

One of the foremost questions that people have when undertaking a bankruptcy filing is what property they will get to keep. Creditors have systematically disseminated information designed to confuse debtors about bankruptcy. That one will lose everything is one of the more commonly held misconceptions.

The Bankruptcy Code was not developed to impoverish people. It was drafted so that people could reclaim their lives from unmanageable debt. It allows for the exemption of assets that foster a normal life. This may include:

  • A home
  • Household furnishings
  • Cars
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Retirement accounts
  • Government benefits
  • Tools needed for your occupation
  • Your business
  • Wild-card exemptions which may be used

The assets that you can keep ultimately depend on what filing you decide to pursue — a complex question in and of itself. Because of the complex nature of bankruptcy, it is of utmost importance that you partner with the right legal team.

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